12391334_10156305184550696_7120321369847943638_nThe idea for this site came up quite suddenly, and quite organically one night in late 2014, when my husband and I were discussing my desire to build on my focus and passion for Hamilton and its future development.

He asked me: “Well, what are you going to do? How are you going to change the way you do business to attract the type of clients you want?” The answer wasn’t immediately “Build MovetoHamOnt and they will come!” but rather, we discovered that what I wanted to do was reach out to people that may be teetering on the edge, or reading all the news about Hamilton’s real estate, and provide them with a personalized tour of the city. Give them a resource that isn’t just a bunch of stats, or real estate listings, but rather a tool that tells a story.

And so MoveToHamOnt.com was born. If you are a twitter user, #HamOnt is the tag to keep up to date on all things Hamilton, Jeannie Crawfordand you’ll soon discover there is an incredibly active, opinionated and vibrant online community of people that have very strong opinions about this city, how it is being run, and where it is headed. I’m not building a Yellow Pages directory, but rather a resource that explores the communities and hopefully the people within them. At least that’s what I hope it does. I have built my business on genuine relationships, and this seems like an extension of that.

So please, feel free to use this site for exactly what it is, a window into Hamilton, and if you ARE looking for professional guidance, I’m here for that as well.

Jeannie Crawford
Sale Representative
Coldwell Banker Community Professionals, Brokerage


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