How do you find out everything you need to know to get started or to get things set up? Well, by checking out this list of helpful people and services that’s how!

Real Estate needs?



Well, I definitely have that covered!

If you aren’t already working with a REALTOR® feel free to call me at 289-925-5614 or email me


  • For Hydro and Water you’ll want to contact Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon)
  • For Gas – check out Union Gas
  • Internet & Cable depending on where you live, you have a few different options outside of the typical big names: Rogers, Bell, Shaw, Cogeco and our personal favourite Start

Garbage Pick Up?

Here’s where to find out when your pick up day is, and to read over all the municipal rules for what can and can’t be put out, limits, the tag system

Tax info?

Yep, you have to pay property tax – this page helps you find out how to read your tax bill, how to make payments, and lots more.


You can search by address for schools in the Hamilton Wentworth Board, as well as the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic Board. Post Secondary Education has of course Mohawk College , as well as McMaster University – both schools offer both full time and continuing education programs.  If you’re interested in private school, just west of Mohawk College you’ll find Hillfield Strathallan College.

Who represents your ward?

2018 was an election year, so lots of activity happening around who will be the new councillors, some are moving on to other endeavours political and non-political, and there is a bit of a shake up with the new ward boundaries which you can find here . If you’re wondering who your councillor is, there is a full list here.

Home Maintenance etc?

Always get different quotes, as each job and situation can be different. In addition to researching trades on Homestars I have worked with some great and reliable tradespeople to help you take care of your investment:

  • General Contracting and wood working – Myself and other clients and friends have worked with Brian Crawford, and he has started his own business BCT, he is absolutely my go to for work to be done around the house, big and small renos – no relation!
  • Moving –  I recently used Amazing Movers and Storage for a client’s home and we were thrilled with the service, easy booking and great pricing.
  • PaintingClaudine Pascal does an amazing job, very thorough, will help select paint colours and is so fast! Jana at Styles Services does painting and can also help you with other areas like landscaping and gardening!
  • Plumber –  Adam’s Plumbing, super quick and reasonable pricing. For last minute emergencies this is one you want to have on speed dial, if you have a drain back up, you do NOT want to be trying to find out who to call Express Rooter or RotoRooter.
  • Electrician –  Kirsch Electric Contracting & Hank’s Electric have always been very responsive, thorough and fair;
  • Water Service Line – in the lower city many of the homes still have lead or undersized pipes and as a home owner you may want to make that change. Myself and clients have used Baldasaro and Stokoe to upgrade the lead water lines coming into the house, read more about the program here and let me know if you have any questions!

Keep Current?

Local Traditional Media Sources

Social Media & Blogs to keep in touch with what’s happening

Get from there to here?

Behind the Wheel:

  • Lincoln Alexander Highway aka The Linc – opened in 1997, it’s an 11km southern bypass that connects the 403 in the west end to the Red Hill / QEW in the East
  • Red Hill Expressway – opened in 2007, it’s a 7km expressway in the east end of Hamilton that connects the QEW to the Linc
    403 vs QEW – So many people think of Hamilton being just that factory town you see from the Skyway bridge as they drive along the QEW on their way to Niagara Falls – but if you take the 403 into or past the city, you get a completely different view of the area that is a beautiful canopy of trees up the escarpment and the Hamilton Harbour
  • One way streets! – Mainly a downtown thing, you have some major throughway streets that are one way, as well as a lot of the neighbourhood side streets, so keep your eyes open, as they do change from one way to 2 way in random spots. I think every newcomer is guilty of driving the wrong way down a one way at some point. Also important to note here – you may get thrown off as you see people parking in the “wrong”direction on two way streets, make it a habit to NOT follow this practice. Bylaw can decide to ticket this practice at random times, so just be consistent and park the right way
  • Mountain Accesses – within the city grid, to get from the lower to the upper and vice versa, you have various access roads to choose from

People Powered Transit:

  • 2 way bike lanes – in 2014 the city introduced its first 2 way bike lanes in an effort to promote more complete streets. There is an active community movement behind the project – Yes We Cannon
  • The stairs – the lower and upper portions of the city are connected by 7 sets of escarpment stairs that are popular for exercise, but also can get you by foot from one area to the other
  • Bike Share – 2015 brings the launch of SoBi Bikeshare with a heavy concentration of stations in the downtown core and Westdale, it’s a membership driven bicycle service

Your Chariot Awaits:

  • HSR (Hamilton Street Railway) – Hamilton’s City Transit service currently offering bus services to all non-rural areas in all 6 communities. It is a big topic of discussion as 100% of Hamilton proper is serviced, but only small portions of Flamborough and Glanbrook for example have any transit services – yet all council members get equal votes on all areas – if you are interested in local politics, the topic of transit, the downtown bus lane pilot project and the potential of Light Rapid Transit will be of great interest to you as the debates rage on
  • DARTS – (Disabled & Aged Regional Transport System) – you’ll likely notice the little buses around town with DARTS in big letters on the side. It is a regional, non profit service that is contracted through the HSR to provide transit for people unable to take regular transit, offering door to door service for those qualified.
  • GO – there is both train and bus service out of the downtown Hunter GO station, and currently under construction there is a new GO station in the north end, now officially called the West Harbour station. It opened for limited service July 9th 2015, just in time for the Pan Am games!
  • Uber has arrived! Yes, you have your traditional taxis but Uber has hit Hamilton – not everyone loves it, but I have to say the few times I’ve used it, no complaints!

Need Work?


  • If you’re new to the area you may be in need of a new family physician – check here to see who is taking on new patients
  • If you’re in need of Emergency rooms – the North End has the General, and on James Street South you’ll find St Joe’s
  • A list of Walk in Clinics

Furry Family Members?