The Valley Town

Sometimes referred to as the Valley Town – because of its location at the bottom of the Niagara Escarpment. Dundas attracts a creative community, as is evidenced by the number of arts and music schools including the Dundas Valley School of Art, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas Valley Orchestra, Dundas Conservatory of music. The easy accessibility to the hiking trails and the Dundas Conservation Area make it a popular community amongst hikers, outdoorsmen, and dog owners who take full advantage of the trails.


There are a wide variety of styles of home, from small cottages walking distance to the downtown main street, modern 70s style bungalows complete with carports in the Pleasant Valley neighbourhood. Newer homes overlook the conservation area in Turnbull and are nestled into the base of the escarpment in the Cascades. An interesting condo project at the base of Dundas Peak took an old highschool and converted it the Dundas District Lofts.


Some fun local facts: Folk Singer Stan Rogers was born in Dundas. SCTV comedian Dave Thomas grew up here, and his younger brother Ian Thomas is also a celebrated singer, songwriter, actor, author and Juno Award winner.


GlobalTV released a nice little vignette about Dundas in August of 2017 – check it out here


You won’t find many big box shops here – downtown is lined with small businesses and restaurants including Detour Coffee, Cumbraes Butcher Shop, Mickey McGuire’s Cheese Shop, Betula, Elle Noire and Picone Fine Food which in 2015 celebrated 100years! Quatrefoil Restaurant opened in 2010 and has been named one of Canada’s top restaurants, they offer a fine dining experience in a beautiful old home on Sydenham. In 2016 a new brewery opened its doors, the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company – they did a kickstarter to raise funds to help renovate and restore the building which was the Dundas Curling & Skating Rink on Hatt St. Such a cool project and great space. There is also a large park in the downtown area that also boasts a skating rink called the Dundas Driving Park. In June the downtown hosts the annual Buskerfest and in August the Dundas Cactus Festival

Websters and Tews Falls, two of Hamilton’s most well known waterfalls are found in Dundas – both can be reached by foot on the Bruce Trail, but they encourage you to stay away from Websters Falls as all the visitors have wreaked havoc on the surrounding area – so check out Tews Falls which is just a few feet shy of the full height of Niagara Falls. Dundas Peak is a favourite of hikers – you can hike from the falls along the Bruce Trail to the peak which overlooks Dundas and West Hamilton. You’ll find lots of artist focused events as well – because the area is so beautiful, it attracts painters and photographers not only to capture it but to live and enjoy!


Mickey McGuire’s Cheese
Multi-generational, family owned cheese shop on Main & Ogilvie. Amazing selection of imported and local cheeses, specializing in organic, small batch products. 

Nellie James Gourmet Food to Go
Prepared take out and catering with a rotating menu focused on fresh, local ingredients.

Fine dining and prix fixe options in a gorgeous old house in Dundas. Perfect for special occasions.


Carnegie Gallery

Housed inside Dundas’ former public library, the Carnegie Gallery sells and exhibits local art and craftwork by its members.


Held annually in June, Buskerfest is a festival in downtown Dundas where artists and entertainers ranging from musicians to circus acrobats perform on the streets

Glen Drummond / Dyment’s Farms
Get a feel for the agricultural side of Dundas. This farm has been owned and operated by the Dyment family since 1887. Pick a pumpkin, eat a butter tart, or come with the kids for an agricultural tour.


Dundas Valley Conservation Area

This massive conservation area spans Ancaster and Dundas. so I would be remiss not to mention it on its namesake page. Catch the main entrance off Governor’s Road in Dundas. 

Borer’s Falls Conservation Area

Borer’s Falls Conservation has trails that connect to both the Bruce Trail and to the adjacent Royal Botanical Garden’s trails. The highlight of the area is the impressive Borer Falls, which powdered a grist mill for over 100 years. 

Spencer Gorge Conservation Area

Home to the very popular Webster and Tews falls, as well as the Dundas Peak – this is probably the busiest conservation area in the City. If you’re visiting in the summer months, make a reservation first or you might be turned away at the gate.



Electronic musician Caribou (Dan Sniath) is a Dundas native who began making music in the late nineties in his bedroom. His 2001 debut album Start Breaking My Heart, then under the name Manitoba, features a (rather mesmerizing) track titled Dundas, Ontario. 



Built in 1841, the Collin’s hotel is a heritage site in downtown Dundas that currently houses the Collin’s brewhouse. This building is notable for its classical revival architecture and doric columns. Grab a pint and admire the history.


Hamilton shares a portion of Dundas Street/Governor’s Road, a historical road that connects London to Toronto. While colonial records indicate that this road dates back to 1793, it actually goes much further: it was following a well-worn trail used by the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Leni-Lenape tribes who called the area home long before the British arrived.


Stay in a piece of history in the quaint Osler House Hotel. This is the former childhood home of Sir William Osler, known as ‘the father of modern medicine’ and one of the four founding professors of John Hopkins.