One of the greatest things about Hamilton is the accessibility to the outdoors. All those BlogTO articles titled “Check Out This Waterfall Close to Toronto”? Friends, that’s Hamilton. It is something that makes us a unique and exceptional community. We are a true urban city, maybe a smaller one, but a city nonetheless. You can get pizza at midnight, dim sum and authentic Korean food on a lovely Sunday afternoon. But also, within minutes, you can find yourself in a sprawling urban park or near a clean body of water to put your canoe in, or cast your fishing line. You don’t need to leave the city limits to find a quiet hiking location to sit and enjoy the canopy of trees, or to see some deer wandering by.


The City of Waterfalls

 So. Many. Waterfalls! How many you ask? Over 100 waterfalls and cascades fall within City limits making it the City with the most waterfalls in the world. Some you can hike right into, others that you can check out from a distance or on a viewing platform. Make sure to enjoy these beauties safely and do not ignore any warning signs – there have been several injuries and falls at some of these sites! Find a full listing of waterfalls here.


City Parks, Conservation Areas & Trails

There are parks, trails and nature areas within minutes of almost every neighbourhood in Hamilton. From our conservation areas and trail networks to attractions like the Royal Botanical Gardens, you will never find yourself short of places to explore in the City. 

Check out this list of some of the best spots to enjoy nature in the City.