In the last decade or so, Hamilton’s real estate market has been in the national spotlight. In the early aughts, buyers were attracted to the City for its unique urban housing stock and affordable pricing. Today, Hamilton isn’t necessarily the haven of affordability it once was, but it is still competitive within the region and offers a more ‘city’ feel than similarly priced areas in Southern Ontario. Overall, while year-over-year increases and the impacts of the pandemic have changed the housing market significantly, there’s still a lot to love about Hamilton real estate. 


What most sets Hamilton apart from other cities in Ontario is its diversity of housing. Looking to live within walking distance from local shops and restaurants? You’ll find options ranging from modern condos to charming Victorians and Craftsmans across Central Hamilton. Craving a quaint village feel with a close-knit community of residents and businesses? Dundas might be for you. And for those more inclined toward the ‘burbs, Hamilton Mountain, East Hamilton, Ancaster and the rapidly expanding Upper Stoney Creek have a ton of options at almost every price point. 


The point is this: whether you are looking for an urban, rural, or suburban lifestyle – Hamilton has it. And, being a relatively small city that is easy to get around in, it offers residents the opportunity to live in one place, but easily explore different areas.