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You don’t have to go to a chain restaurant to get an amazing meal in this town.  All over the city there are a growing number of top notch eateries,  from diners, to burgers, to award winning fine dining.  Below is a list of some of my favourite independent restaurants in the city.

Conservation Areas

Christie Lake
Located in Flamborough – boats are available to rent, they have a disc golf course, fishing, swimming and of course trails to hike

Dundas Valley
Over 1200 hectares of forest – rail trails, meadows, streams, wildlife – take your pick and keep exploring

Eramosa Karst
This conservation area has underground caves and streams, and more of a meadow landscape with loads of trails and boardwalks to explore

Fifty Point
Has marina access, picnic areas, a great beach and camping.

Valens Lake
In Flamborough – great camping and fishing available here


Bruce Trail
Part of this massive trail system that connects Niagara to Tobermory runs through Hamilton. You can access parts of the trail across the entire span of the city. 

Chedoke Radial
An abandoned rail trail that runs under the escarpment on the west end of the city.

Chippewa Trail
Located near Binbrook. If you hear some lion’s roaring, you’re not crazy. This trail backs onto the Killman Zoo. 

Confederation Park
East Hamilton’s Beach Boulevard has a lovely beach and boardwalk with attractions for the family

Dofasco 2000 Trail
11.5 km trail that links the 1812 Battlefield House Museum, Devil’s Punch Bowl Conservation Area, Vinemount South Swamp and Bruce Trail

Escarpment Rail Trail
Gorgeous trail on an abandoned CN line that brings you all the way from Albion Falls to the lower city. Connects with the Kenilworth and Wentworth Stairs. 

King’s Forest / Red Hill Valley
Accessible from both the East Mountain and the Rosedale/Greenhill area. This valley trail and river once stood alone, but is now shared with the parkway. However, there are still lot great hiking trails and spots to have a picnic by the creek. 

Royal Botanical Gardens
While primarily known for its gardens, the RBG also has a huge area of untouched land and an impressive trail system. Take a hike on the marsh walk and try to spot the resident bald eagles.

Parks & Gardens

Gage Park
71 acres right in the heart of the city, the park hosts many outdoor events, concerts and festivals over the summer months, and lots of photo ops with the fountain, iconic bandshell and a massive new greenhouse!

Hamilton Waterfront
The harbour has been revitalized with parks, restaurants, the yacht club ensures the bay is always busy with boaters, it’s a gem within walking distance of downtown and it connects us with Hamilton West and Cootes Paradise. There is some major planned development for Pier 8 which will be something to keep an eye on over the next few years.

Royal Botanical Gardens
It’s technically in Burlington but shares some of it’s area with the Hamilton side, so we agree to share! Year round indoor and outdoor gardens, exhibits and programs. The
Rock Garden has just undergone an incredible transformation and there is an incredible sculpture collection.

Right downtown in Central Hamilton, this museum is a gorgeous example of architecture, but is also known for it’s walled garden


Stunning cascade waterfall on the East mountain. Be safe when you’re viewing this and stick to the designated areas and viewing platforms – the fire department has had to do a number of rope rescues in recent years. 

Devil’s Punchbowl
A true piece of history, the Devil’s Punchbowl was formed 450 million years ago by glacial waters. 

A lesson known waterfall in Upper Stoney Creek, connects with a great cycling loop and the Bruce trail. 

1 metre ribbon fall in Ancaster. Super busy, so try to get here early to avoid the crowds.

The largest waterfall in the region at 22 metres and the most popular. Make sure to make a reservation to see this beauty.

Albion Falls (Image: Joe DeSousa / Unsplash)

Dundas Peak (Image: White Rainforest / Unsplash)

Red Hill Valley (mnmkhl / Twenty20)