#HamOnt – we took our name from the well-used hashtag that identifies everything Hamilton on social media. Our online community is more than just a tag, it reflects an active community membership that drives real change on issues across the City.  


From independent media outlets and bloggers to passionate communities on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, there is no shortage of places to keep up with the pulse of the City. If you’re new to Hamilton and want to understand the current going-ons, buckle up and take a deep dive into the #HamOnt hashtag.  


In real life, you can get involved in a ton of different ways. For those interested in hands-on social change, there are numerous community organizations, both big and small, across the City to volunteer with. Entrepreneurs and the business crowd will enjoy the networking opportunities, workshops and events put on by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, HIVE, Innovation Factory and other groups. Really, there is a way to get involved or add your voice to the conversation for everyone. 


Not sure how to get started? Check out how you can get involved.