Barton Lettuce

There’s nothing quite as valuable to a community as a neighbourhood grocer. If you’re in the Barton area, you’ll know of Barton Lettuce and, if you’re not, it’s worth a trip. Offering everything from fresh local produce and dairy to pantry items and supplies, it’s a great place to not only support a family-owned business in Barton Village, but the local and regional food eco-system.

Tell us about yourself and your business. 

We’re an independent, family-owned grocery store in the Barton Village neighbourhood, offering quality products at fair prices.


What made you decide to get into the grocery business?

We live nearby, so knew that Barton Village was growing and that there was the need for a walkable, community-minded grocery store. Where better to open a business than your very own neighbourhood?!


What can people find in store at Barton Lettuce?

We carry fresh produce, dairy products, spices, baking supplies, fresh-baked bread, canned goods, as well as a selection of dairy and meat alternatives. Many of our offerings are seasonal: we’re currently stocking a supply of vegetable and native wildflower seeds for gardening!  Looking forward to local rhubarb, fiddleheads, and asparagus in the coming months.


You carry a ton of local and Canadian-made products, what’s important to you about supporting our local food producers?

It’s important to support local farmers and producers in order to keep food accessible and sustainable. There are a lot of new innovations in greenhouse growing and vertical farming – the more food we can grow within Canada, the better! Buying local also reduces fossil fuel consumption and pollution and boosts the local economy. Plus, locally grown fruit and veggies just taste better!


You’re located on Barton St, what do you love about your neighbourhood?

Barton Village is a friendly, tight-knit community. Our friends and neighbours have been so supportive since we opened, and we’re very grateful. We love living and working in this vibrant neighbourhood!


Besides your own place, where else do you like to eat or shop in the city?

We’ll take this opportunity to share just a few of the awesome businesses in Barton Village: Verlan for crepes, Fisticuffs for Chinese Malaysian snack food, Mai Pai for pizza, brunch at Motel, coffee at Emerald Coffee Co., charcuterie at Barton Salumeria, craft beer at Mosaic, meats at J. Waldron Butchers, It’s Alright Ma record store for music lovers, Parkette for all-things kid, Ouro vintage for fashionistas, Playhouse Cinema for movies – and there are many more!