Eva & Wayne

Who are you?

Eva Ivanov – retired from corporate finance sector and 20 years of community and professional theatre directing (some stage work, design, sound, lighting, props, costuming also. Won several awards for work in theatre. Full time professional watercolour artist and gallery curator/owner, income property manager, as well as part-time background performer, pet sitter, and marine fabricator (work in canvas, for the marine environment)


Wayne Gooderham is Engineering Manager, Flexmaster Canada as well as Owner Operator of Shoreline Sails (imports sails and marine hardware for sail boats) He is also a designer – manufacturing one of a kind lighting fixtures, and furniture, and has also designed and constructed several stage sets, lighting design, and special effects, worked in stage management, as well as manufacturing special equipment for theatre productions, and boating.


Why Hamilton?

After Eva retired from a career in the finance sector, we sought a move to an affordable housing market, and a safe harbour for our sailboat. Wayne is in the sail business (distributor for Rolly Tasker Sails, Thailand). Also my x-husband lives here, and assured me that Hamilton is the place I would love to live, as it a large city with a small town warm and fuzzy feel. In 2006 I’d heard an interview given by Dave (Mixed Media) and thought to myself “how do it transition myself from being a corporate rat, into working as a full time artist in Hamilton” — thoughts became reality in January 2012 as we realized a need to move out of Toronto for more affordable living, and a place to moor our boat, and keep the sail business going.


Where do you Live?

We enjoy downtown living — urban life – We own houses on Catharine St. North between Cannon and Wilson, and in the North End. We enjoy a walk to everywhere, and almost everything. We shop the market, local hardware stores, restaurants, and enjoy the harbourfront (for sailing), and parks with the dogs. We chose urban living for the art vibe, and projected growth of the area.


What resources were helpful to you in making your decision to move here?

Port of Authority in Hamilton and President of the International BIA at the Toronto International Boat Show are people that get the biggest ‘thank you’ for directing us to a well informed Hamilton Real Estate broker. From that experience, and meeting the broker, we have learned that it is absolutely critical that anyone considering a move to Hamilton, needs to have a Hamilton based real estate agent. We looked at various neighbourhoods, but the agent was very astute at positioning the searches, aptly pointing out deficiencies in choosing a particular house, street, or address, and kept focus on areas of immediate growth for investment, and income properties for investment.


What resources do you WISH you’d had access to?

Other than a map of the City, because it was confusing for north/south (where the lake is) which is opposite when you come from Toronto, none — we were very lucky with finding good resources at the outset, the Agent.


What things surprised you the most about Hamilton? Good & Bad

What surprised us the most is how the people who were born in Hamilton, are the ones that speak the worst about it. It’s people like ourselves, from Toronto, that see the hope, the light, the development, and changing face.

We enjoy the affordability of daily living, great food markets, health care. Meeting helpful people involved in the arts, boating. Buying local arts and crafts for friends and family for special occasions.

We enjoy our walks downtown, and fighting the crowds at art crawls, the music and the buzz is wild. Love shopping Ottawa street, and Locke Street too.

There is no traffic in Hamilton to speak of, when one comes from living in Toronto!! I find, especially on the radio, and newspapers and hear Councillors, whining about traffic, when they have no idea how great this City is to get around in.

Our biggest pet peeve is the few store fronts on James North and we all know who they are, and show no shame when the rest of the street is pulling up their socks, and rebuilding storefronts, galleries, and shops all around them (between Cannon and James). This still remains a James Street North embarrassment.


What advice do you have for someone considering a move to Hamilton?

Retain a Hamilton Real Estate broker. No question. Do not hire your in-law, nephew, uncle, aunt, sister, friend of a friend. You need a knowledgeable Hamilton agent. Someone that knows the lay of the land.


What are your favourite places and things to do around the city?

The Jet Cafe on King St, Fishers Pier and Eatery on James at Wood, Two Black SheepPheasant Plucker. Sailing in the harbour, going to the market, skating at Bayfront Park.


Of all the things going on Hamilton these days – what are you most excited about?

Being on the cusp of major transportation $$ coming from the govt to help build the City and keep it moving, because the gentrification of older neighbourhoods is rapidly increasing, as housing prices are attractive to incoming Toronto families who are buying up beautiful older homes needing some upgrading, and living in a safe city that offers all the amenities of large cities and suburbs, but has the feel of small and friendly community. We enjoy watching the influx, and need to get the money the government is offering, one way or another, to help make it happen.


Anything else you’d like to add? Here’s your chance!

Well Jeannie, I’m proud to say that I’ve sold a lot of art in this City over the past two and a half years. I’ve been well received in this City and enjoyed some wonderful opportunities to hang in various galleries for long periods of time (5), not including my own Gooderham Gallery on Catharine Street, on an appointment-only basis, until 2015. I have collectors that follow my work, and since 2012 in Hamilton, have sold over 25 original works, and was also invited by the Hamilton Philharmonic evening of Performance Art at the Dundas Valley School of Art, creating works of art, while a new composer also created new work.

Wayne Gooderham, shares all my thoughts on the above, but enjoys this City immensely as he is a foodie, chef, and has met everyone involved in food in the City (well almost), and spends hours at the Farmers Market (s) enjoying discussion about product, and new ideas, and cooking. He is a jack-of-all trades, and yes, master of most, and works as an Engineering Manager. He is also very creative, and with his talents, he builds one of a kind lighting fixtures (he is from a lighting manufacturing background), tables from glass and copper, works in stainless steel, making counter tops, and of course sailboat design, modifications, and renovations (interior).