Get Involved: Hamilton Sports Leagues

There’s a ton of ways to get involved or active in Hamilton, but one avenue often overlooked is joining a local sports league. Signing up for a team for a season of competitive fun is a great way to get out, meet some new pals, and break a sweat – especially when the winter chill sets in. Here are some fantastic options that cater to individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.

Steel City Inclusive Softball Association

The Steel City Inclusive Softball Association is on a mission to celebrate diversity and build a close-knit community through the game of softball. They go the extra mile to ensure an inclusive and friendly environment, providing a welcoming space for 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, as well as allies from every walk of life, and of all ages and abilities. It’s a perfect opportunity to have a blast, forge connections with like-minded folks, and show your skills on the ball field.


Hamilton Victoria Curling Club

The Hamilton Victoria Curling Club, founded way back in 1862, is an institution for curling enthusiasts and a hub of winter sports in the community. With a storied history and a deep-rooted tradition in the art of curling, this club extends a warm and friendly welcome to curlers of all skill levels and ages, from rookies to seasoned veterans.

Queer Hockey Hamilton

Queer Hockey Hamilton combines the love of ice hockey with a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. This LGBTQ+ hockey community provides a safe and welcoming space for individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations to come together and enjoy our favourite national pastime. Beyond fostering a supportive and affirming environment for its members, Queer Hockey Hamilton actively promotes LGBTQ+ visibility in the world of hockey.


Play Dodgeball Hamilton

Play Dodgeball Hamilton is a dodgeball league for players of all skill levels. Play Dodgeball Hamilton is not only about the sport; it’s also about creating social connections and a welcoming atmosphere where people can enjoy physical activity and friendly competition. Whether you’re a dodgeball pro or a rookie, this is the perfect way to get active and make new friends.


Hammer City Roller Derby

This grassroots roller derby very much embodies this city’s spirit and attitude. If you haven’t seen them already, you can’t miss the spectacle when they are at the pier. Don’t rollerskate? Newbies can learn to skate with their program before heading to the derby for an electrifying mix of athleticism and competition.