Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am passionate about people and making things! I’m a graphic designer and co-owner of Kitestring, a design and marketing company for purpose-driven organizations and businesses, based out of the Cotton Factory. I volunteer with Community Fridges HamOnt as part of their social media team, sit as Vice Chair of the Board of Arts For All, and recently started teaching at Mohawk College. I frequent Needlework and Hamilton Craft Studios as an avid sewist and ceramics enthusiast, and can usually be found watching the Great Pottery Throw Down with my cats or cooking up homemade pizza.


Why did you move to Hamilton?

I moved to Hamilton 10 years ago after growing up in Guelph and studying in St. Catharines. It was a perfect halfway point and the home of the Autism & Behavioural Science post-grad I decided to take at Mohawk College. I then dove into a masters program at the old Brock University campus in east Hamilton before switching gears and studying graphic design (again at Mohawk College). While I didn’t know I’d land here long-term, I quickly came to love the city. Living on the mountain, to Kirkendall, and now in Stinson, I love the people I’ve met and how much there is to explore.


What neighbourhood are you living in and why did you choose it?

I live in the Stinson neighbourhood, having moved here when I moved in with my partner in 2016. I chose it because he lived here, but stayed because of the walkability to the rail trail, our cozy backyard, and the welcoming neighbours. It’s perfect on a sunny day and equally as amazing mid-snow storm. It’s a great balance of the grit and charm Hamilton has to offer.


What surprised you most about the city?

The whole dang thing. Before moving to Hamilton, I’d mostly driven past it or landed at the bus station. It’s not glamorous from the QEW, but once you’re here you come to feel like a part of the city. After moving here, I discovered the closeness to the waterfront and escarpment, so many amazing little shops and restaurants across the city, and met unbelievably kind people.


Any advice for people considering making the move?

Come with an open mind! This city isn’t for everyone, but I think you know when it’s for you. There’s a down-to-earth nature about Hamilton, but it will challenge you and change you. For me, that’s been a magical thing! But you’ve got to be open to it and embrace the city for all that it is.


If someone was visiting Hamilton for the first time, what would be the top three places you would recommend them checking out?

Hamilton Craft Studios to get your hands dirty making something. Kitchen Island for a delicious pastry and unbeatable kindness. Pinch Bakery & Plant Shop (opening soon!) for the cheery treats and plants.

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