Andrea Pohlman

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a lover of community, first and foremost! After graduating from Mohawk College, I began working with small businesses to build engaging marketing strategies, systems, and processes to optimize operations. As a previous chair of Hamilton HIVE, I spent four years helping support young professionals through professional development, network building, and the annual STEEL Conference. I’m a hype-woman for small business and young professionals across the city and beyond.


Why did you move to Hamilton?

I moved to Hamilton in 2008 to go to McMaster – but I fell in love with the city and never left.


What neighbourhood are you living in and why did you choose it?

Durand! I don’t own a vehicle so staying downtown is important to me. I wanted to be walking distance to the Downtown GO station for access to Toronto (where my family lives) as well as being walking distance to great nightlife. It was an easy choice for me knowing that everything is so close and accessible.


What surprised you most about the city?

Honestly the feeling when you’re walking around Hamilton is like nothing I’ve ever felt. I walk my dog, Stevie, around my neighbourhood and chat with neighbours that I see all the time. We play in the park and people introduce themselves. I’ve made friends with local women on Instagram and then gone for dinner with them – this city is absolutely rich with community and those who want to build community, and that’s the thing that surprised (and delighted) me most about it.


Any advice for people considering making the move?

Stop waiting, and do it. I can’t imagine building a life this incredible anywhere else.


If someone was visiting Hamilton for the first time, what would be the top three places you would recommend them checking out?

For Food: Maipai, The French, The Burnt Tongue

For Drinks: Rap & Co., Merit Brewing, Collective Arts

For Activities: Bayfront Park, Dundurn Castle, Gage Park

For Coffee: Redchurch, Relay, Durand Coffee