Christina & Justin

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Happily married. Christina is a Director of a Non-profit in Burlington and Justin works in Diabetic pharmaceuticals.


Where did you grow up?

Christina grew up in Hamilton and Justin in London, Ontario.


Why Hamilton?

It is central to the majority of our family members.


What neighbourhood do you live in and why did you choose it?

We currently live in Jerseyville, Ontario (most rural point of Hamilton). We chose this area for the beauty and peace that comes with country living. It is still a mere minutes to major shopping and other amenities.


What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the city in the last decade?

The biggest change we have seen in the city in the last 10yrs would be the increased efforts to revitalize other spaces besides James St. Concession St and Lock St are fantastic places to go for a bit to eat and local shopping!


If you were travelling outside of the country and someone asked you about where you lived, how would you describe Hamilton?

I would say that Hamilton is a city that has something for everyone. Many hidden gems including an art, music and food scene that rivals larger profile cities. Its vast diversity in community, allows families to find places to settle that feel like home quickly.