Home Decorating: Hamilton Edition

Looking to furnish and decorate your home in Hamilton? Sure we’ve got the typical big box retailers, but there are so many independent shops selling new and used furniture, decor, housewares, wall art, and pretty much anything else you need to make your house feel like home.

Clockwise from top: Bephi Home, Chaises Musicales, Lofty Ambitions, Free Love Girl Finds, Filter, Antique Avenue


Hamilton has an awesome selection of new and used furniture stores. If you’re looking to furnish your place, make sure to check out these shops:


Clockwise from top: Pretty Grit, Lulu & Lavigne, Fat Dachshund Vintage, The Casual Gourmet, The Pale Blue Dot

Decor & Housewares

You can also find all your decorating and houseware needs locally, from throw pillows and candles to cookware and cleaning supplies. 


  • Pretty Grit on James N is the spot to find trendy, design-forward home products.
  • Lulu & Lavigne on Locke has beautiful decor and housewares, plus a ton of Hamilton-themed stuff. 
  • If you love vintage and have an affinity for quirky brass objects, check out local seller Fat Dachshund on Etsy. 
  • Stock your kitchen at The Casual Gourmet in Dundas.
  • The Pale Blue Dot on James N has all your eco-friendly home supplies and cleaning products.


Clockwise from top: Stev’nn Hall, Wolf Dottir, Gord Leverton, Jelly Brothers, Julia Veenstra, Sand & Fireworks. Not pictured: Dope Chief


Don’t forget your walls. Hamilton has so many great artists to choose from, but here are some of my favourites:

  • Julia Veenstra’s vibrant Canadian landscapes add joy to any room.
  • Dark sense of humour? Same. Check out Wolf Dottir’s subversive china plates.
  • Gord Leverton paints graphic urban landscapes – you can also find his work at Caro Restaurant or on some Collective Arts bottles
  • Sand & Fireworks – Hanna does beautiful, small batch stained glass work
  • Stev’nn Hall – Mixed Media artist – gorgeous, large-scale pieces that are magical in person
  • Dope Chief is a contemporary artist with a psychedelic pop aesthetic.
  • There’s nothing like a Jelly Brothers print to show your love for your neighbourhood, high school or favourite Hamilton landmark.

For more furniture, decor, and housewares – check out this page. For more artists in the city, click here.