Katherine & Andi

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Katherine is a designer who runs Vermillion Studio (she designed this website) and Andi works in sales. We live in Hamilton with our daughter, Evelina, and our dachshund Sailor. We love all things nature, travel, and hospitality.

Where did you grow up?

Katherine was raised on the East Mountain in Hamilton. Andi grew up in Albania and moved to Hamilton when he was 13 years old.

Why Hamilton?

We love that Hamilton is a mid-sized city. It has a lot of the perks of a larger city, including a proper downtown and a variety of arts, culture and entertainment, while still feeling community-oriented and cozy. What really makes Hamilton unique is that it also has some of the best access to nature in Southern Ontario. The escarpment creates a beautiful backdrop for the lower city and we are spoilt for choice with all of the conservation areas, beaches and trails.

What neighbourhood do you live in and why did you choose it?

We live in Delta East and love it! The neighbourhood had everything we were looking for: beautiful homes, mature streets with big trees, and proximity to both shopping/restaurants and parks/nature.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the city in the last decade?

It’s hard to pinpoint the biggest change, but the one thing we always marvel at is the changes to the skyline and buildings downtown. Growing up in Hamilton, when you looked downtown from the classic Sam Lawrence Park vantage point, there was just that one big apartment building that seemed to dwarf everything else. The density has changed drastically and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve in the next decade with the addition of the LRT, waterfront development, and other plans.

If you were travelling outside of the country and someone asked you about where you lived, how would you describe Hamilton?

We describe Hamilton as a bayside city with an escarpment cutting through, a great dining scene, arts and culture, and a working class heritage. Funnily enough, we’ve encountered a lot of people in our travels who know of Hamilton. When we travelled to Tanzania, we met a Lebanese man who was working in Qatar and when we said we were from Hamilton he exclaimed “Oh, Hamilton! With The Mountain! I’ve been there – love that place! ” This has happened to us more than once and it always takes us by surprise.