Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am 34 and I work in the beer industry. I love finding cool local businesses and excellent menus! My wife likes to try and convince me I enjoy hiking and exploring nature and sometimes it works.


Why did you move to Hamilton?

It was a return-to situation actually. We both went to Mac and really enjoyed the smaller city feel. Decent infrastructure, cool bars, lots of awesome trails and nature!


What neighbourhood are you living in and why did you choose it?

Homeside and affordable housing prices of course!


What surprised you most about the city?

That everything is 10-15 mins away from everything else.


Any advice for people considering making the move?



If someone was visiting Hamilton for the first time, what would be the top three places you would recommend them checking out?

Mai Pai, Merit brewing, fair weather, brux house. I know that’s 4 but it’s an impossible choice.