Rachel & Mike

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Bar owners, bike riders, hike enthusiasts with 2 bars and 2 babies.


Why did you move to Hamilton?

We were priced out of Toronto! After we had our first child we realized we couldn’t afford a larger apartment in Toronto, and started looking at Hamilton. We were fortunate to be able to afford a home here. Very quickly we discovered all of the great things Hamilton has to offer.


What neighbourhood are you living in and why did you choose it?

I think it’s Delta…. East? Province Street south and King. We didn’t know much about the neighbourhood when we bought our home. But we wanted to be near Ottawa street, and thankfully there is a great school in the area. I love how many families with young children there are around here. In the summer there’s always a child playing on the swing in our front yard.


What surprised you most about the city?

The amount of nature trails and how accessible they all are! Always a new nature area/conservation area to discover.


Any advice for people considering making the move?

Do it now!


If someone was visiting Hamilton for the first time, what would be the top three places you would recommend them checking out?

Is it self indulgent to recommend my own business!? I would recommend Gage Park/The greenhouse . Bayfront Park . Eramosa Karst.