Real Estate focused entries, hopefully entertaining and informative!

Your Real Estate Team: Lawyer

I thought it would be useful to take a look at some of the folks you may encounter during a typical residential real estate transaction so that you can better understand what role they play in the process, what they …

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New Year: New To Do List!

Happy New Year! (**Ok this was supposed to be posted in January, damn that month went fast! But either way, here we go…**) As we enter into a new calendar year, we’re all working on lists of

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Special Property on Manitoulin Island

It’s not often a property comes along that offers more than just a roof over your head, but an opportunity to explore a true “lifestyle”.

Decisions, Decisions

So the thing about being a REALTOR®, is that it doesn’t all of a sudden stop you from being a human being, with all the same emotions that we try to keep in

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Wow, where did the last couple of months go? I haven’t posted anything here since the end of February? I think the answer to that is the wicked Spring market we’re having –

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